Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On to Cape Breton

We left PEI this morning, taking the ferry across the Staright of Northumberland to Nova Scotia and then driving to Baddeck at the foot of Cabot Trail, which we'll tackle tomorrow morning.

Photo: The lighthouse at Bear Point, along the lighthouse trail on the east side of PEI.

Photo: Janice tries to enjoy the perfect PEI experience at Georgetown. She orders fish and chips and a white Pino Grigio but the muscle boy behind her is irking her no end so she ups and gives him the "No shirt, no shoes, no service" drill before grabbing him by the ear and marching him to the parking lot, where, with a stern warning about his loutish behaviour, gave him a sharp smack on his tight little behind and sent him on his way.

Photo: Janice has to unwind back at the campsite with a stroll in the Straight of Northumberland.

Photo: A typical red cliff dropping to the sea at our campsite by Woods Islands.

Photo: A sunset from our campsite at Northumberland with Nova Scotia in the background.

Photo: Janice aboard the ferry headed to Picout Nova Scotia

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