Friday, December 31, 2010

The Cold Takes Hold…

The morning after Janice had come down with a sore throat, I woke with a sharp pain in my Sinuses. I played volleyball anyway and the sinuses never bothered me. It was when I stopped that it came back with a vengeance. We went and got stocked up with some Nyquil/Dayquil for Janice and some Extra Strength Sudafed for me.

It was sunny but crisp so we decided against an invitation for a bike ride and, instead, took a drive to Tampa’s Apollo Beach where a lot of Manatees are reported to hang out. They usually make an appearance because of the warm water emitted from a huge power plant there.

Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea because, as we approached, there were cars lined up a mile or so each way from the entrance to the parking lot. As we approached the parking lot a woman indicated to me that there was a spot ahead and, when we got into the parking lot, there were, indeed, lots of parking spots. There's little else to tell about the excursion because, as it turns out, Manatees are docile to the extreme. We watched them hover and surface, ever so slowly, for a few minutes and then saw some Stingrays and a few sharks swimming amongst them. Apparently Manatees have no natural predators. Even so, they’re endangered - I can see why - they likely die of boredom.

Pictured are the Manatees at Apollo Beach. We still may seek them out again in a more natural environment.

For dinner that night I made a Caesar Salad with four big cloves of garlic. A salad designed to decimate The Cold germs within - to kick that cold right on out in a heap - slamming it to earth, heaving for breath.

By morning however, not only had The Salad failed to vanquish The Cold, but the power was out too. Luckily for us we have propane heat and a propane stove.

I turned down another invitation to golf with the guys because of my sore sinuses and instead, Janice and I went for a short bike ride in the sunshine, which was followed by Janice making Margaritas for Jim and Rose and The Other Jim and Cheryl.

Neighbour Jim paid $1,500 for his recumbent bike a couple of months ago and the tires have already split, so the dealer, which is in Floral City, agreed to replace them at no cost. We said we'd go with them and planned on a ride at the same time. Jim and I played volleyball for an hour in the morning and then we all drove to Floral City. The bike shop replaced the tires while we lunched on cheeseburgers at the Shamrock Café, before riding to Inverness and back - about 17 miles.

Pictured, through the windshield, is the entrance to Floral City.

By the end of the ride Janice said she felt she had pretty well shaken the cold. That means I should be cold free too, by tomorrow.

Pictured are the four of us at the lake at Inverness.

On Saturday we’re moving to Homosassa Springs about fifty miles north. Because of the New Year holiday we have to return our Cable and Internet devices today before 1:00pm. Some other neighbours, Tom & Sharon, have offered to by us lunch at their favourite mexican restaurant. Later we‘re going to The Other Jim and Cheryl‘s for dinner and then New Year's celebrations. We have to fit volleyball and other stuff in there too, and tomorrow morning we’re moving on, so I’m sending the blog now. We’ll likely be out of touch for a few days, so…

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year.


  1. My cold is worse! And I can't go out and get vitamin D without getting frostbite - take care and enjoy your sun.

  2. Sounds like it really is "good health" for you both in 2011. Great! Have a fun evening and all the best to you both in the New Year.hugs cuz ljc

    You must feel a little sad leaving your new friends. -4 c. this morning but sunny. Hope you both feel better and are able to toast in the NEW YEAR with you friends.
    Be responsible drinkers, no biking home.