Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Amazing Apache Trail....

While the Indian Skies RV Resort in Coolidge was very nice, it didn’t seem to me that there was going to be enough for us to do in that area to stay for a week. Some people had told us about a high rent RV resort in Casa Grande that offered first-timers a half price deal on a weeks’ fees. We wanted to have a look at the historic old part of town there anyway so we took the ten-mile drive to check it out. There wasn’t a whole lot to the historic part of town so we went for lunch and then stopped in at the resort. It was nice enough, for sure. It had a couple of swimming pools, an 18 hole golf course, the lobby was like that of some grand hotel and, generally, people weren’t dressed in t-shirts or tank tops. The half price deal turned out to be $400.00 for the week though so we decided to stick with our t-shirts and stay in the under $200.00 range.

Pictured below is a sunset at Indian Skies RV Resort.

In the afternoon I watched the outcome I was looking for in the Super Bowl while Janice did laundry and made Prawns Wrapped in Crab Cake and Bacon. We had purchased some, pre-made, at the Outer Bank in North Carolina but, of course, Janice’s were much superior.

Prawns Wrapped in Crab Cake and Bacon.
One dozen - 16/22 count prawns

6 oz. Crab Meat
One Egg
1 Tablespoon finely chopped red onion
1 Tablespoon sweet chili sauce, Thai Style
Half cup Panko
Mix the ingredients and then wrap the prawns in the crab cake before wrapping in a half strip of bacon each.
Janice says you can fry them or put them in the oven at 400 degrees until the bacon is slightly crispy.

On Monday morning, after some research on the internet and the Passport America book, we decided to move to Apache Junction and book in for a week at the Countryside RV Resort. It has all the amenities of Indian Skies, except free internet and cablevision, but it is closer to a lot more hiking trails and lakes. We can pick up fifty-two channels without cablevision anyway, so I think we can handle it. Internet is $15 for the week for two people, available at the clubhouse 24/7. They have a bunch of free DVD’s to choose from too.

In the afternoon we took a drive to Apache Trail, which is only five minutes from the resort. The pictures below don’t begin to portray the incredibly awesome spectacle of the area. The trail is only fourteen miles long, starting at Superstition Mountain and ending at Canyon Lake. I mentioned to Janice that, “ An artist could spend their entire lifetime depicting the area and the ever-changing colors, shapes, shadows and light.” Truly amazing. We went back again in the evening to see it under some different light.

Whomever made the decision though to run a couple sets of power lines through the Apache Trail, should be strung up on them. There is so much flat desert nearby, or other ways they could have gone around. How short sighted and disgusting…

Today we plan to stay out of the truck completely; walking, biking, swimming and whatever else.


  1. A cruise around Canyon Lake on Dolly Steamboat is very nice. I love the changing colours on the rocks as the sun moves around. Hiking in the Superstitions may attract you, too. Enjoy!

  2. Hope an artist is busy painting/sketching the beautiful scenery. Pictures beautiful as always. Nice to seem them without a bunch of people.
    I hope that Jenny and I will be able to go to Casa Grande from Bell Rock via the Junction.
    Watch out for cactus.