Monday, May 2, 2011

Coos Bay, Lincoln City and Long Beach...

Sunday morning was sunny again, as we headed north to Coos Bay, about halfway up the Oregon Coast.

By the time we were twenty-five miles north of Brookings the Pacific had lost all of it’s blue hue. It becomes less tropical looking in Oregon, but often the waves break emerald green instead.

We stopped for lunch at Tony’s Crab Shack in Bandon, pictured below, where I had Fish Tacos and Janice had a Crab and Shrimp Sandwich. Before lunch, while we were walking around town, we had asked some locals for the best place to eat. They were right about Tony’s.

We got to Coos Bay and the Midway RV Park about 2:30. It turned out that our GPS, Susan, had landed us in Harington rather than Coos Bay, so our walk, which took us along the water, never actually got us to Coos Bay proper.

Monday morning we woke to a rare day of rain. We stopped in Coos Bay to get the tires rotated on the truck. I noticed that the new tires we had purchased in Florida were wearing much faster at the back than they were at the front. Presumably due to towing the load.

We stopped for lunch at Yachats. Our neighbours, Mike and Ellen, have met their daughters in Yachats a couple of times for some family R&R, so we stopped and had our lunch at Yachats State Park. It’s a beautiful place, that we’d somehow overlooked in the past - blowing and rainy for our short stay though.

Pictured is the Paicific Ocean blowing into Yachats.

We pulled into the Coyote Rock RV Resort near Lincoln City about 3:00 and took a drive into town to get the lay of the land. We parked near the new casino and leaned into the wind as we walked the streets closest to the oceanfront.

Pictured below is the beach at Lincoln City.

On the way back we pulled into another little bay and saw these seals lazing around a sand bank. Also, the Pacific Ocean crashes into, but is quickly placated by the tidal flats, not more than a hundred yards from where the seals lolled.

Back at the park we built a ripping campfire but were still chilly eating our warmed-over Chili. We're stobborn though and, like moths, wouldn't give up the flame until it was nearly dark. The park is situated where the river meets the tidal waters of the ocean, so it was windy and cool.

Pictured below is the wharf at the Coyote Rock RV Resort as well as a bench in front of a mossy rock cliff at the resort. Also, the same wharf at the park, in the morning.


My old friend, Al Hovden, from North Van - no, not Al Harlowe from Prism - Al Hovden, whom I used to play with in The Burner Boys at least two lifetimes ago, has the number one blues song, Zero Avenue, on the Internet. You can check it out by going to

Congratulations Al, sounds great.


It rained overnight but Tuesday morning we woke to sunshine and drove north to Rockaway Beach where we spoiled ourselves on a bowl of Clam Chowder for Janice and a bowl of Philly Cheesecake Soup for me - both thick, but tasty.

We had been headed for Astoria, on the northern border of Oregon, but, because there were no RV parks there, we continued on to Long Beach, Washington. Long Beach is at least as spectaular as it's namesake on Vancouver Island but, to it's advantage, it's thirty miles long, instead of ten. We got set up at the Sandcastle RV Resort and then took a walk around the town, and the beach, before ordering some Thai food to go.

Pictured are: the boardwalk at Long Beach and, Janice on the beach.

We're getting so close, with mixed feelings…

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  1. HI Red &Tim'
    I to have mixed feelings about you coming home as I'm going to miss your travels. Pictures are starting to look more like BC (beautiful of course).
    The the Crab Shack looks like a picture from Florida, the boardwalk looks like it could be in the Maritimes. Are you sure you aren't starting to recycle pictures?
    See you soon.
    Mom / Rhelda